Structure E5X

New Product

Indirect Asymmetric/ Wall Wash
for Exterior Applications

The Medley Family
The Medley Family

High Performance Linear Lighting

The Prospot Family
The Prospot Family

Performance Projector for Exterior

Prospot Lighting
The Color Experts

Quad and Discrete Technology
for over 10 Years

Coves are Covered
Coves Are Covered

The Pilot Family. Ready for anything.


Building Blocks
for Incredible Spaces

Scope Medium

3" Diameter High Performance Cylinder

The Sill Family
The Sill Family

Asymmetric Indirect Lighting
Made Elegantly Simple

Adobe Mini

Suspended Linear Direct/Indirect

Structure Space 2.0

New Product

Structure Space 2.0

Linear Direct/Indirect for Interior

The Co-Pilot Family
The Co-Pilot

Flexible Linear Lighting

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Architectural Lighting Solutions

Insight Lighting is a leading manufacturer of high-performance commercial indoor/outdoor architectural lighting for the energy conscious design market. Designing and manufacturing lighting products in the USA for almost 30 years, we currently offer over 20 families of lighting products to illuminate coves, ceilings, walls, facades and many other architectural details.