• Patented Quad Perfect™ Technology

    The Quad Chip Array integrates multiple colors (i.e. red, green, blue, white) into a single location for immediate and superior color saturation. Ideal for direct line of sight applications where the face of the fixture is visible. Provides smooth color saturation/mixing on the perpendicular wall. Creates color consistency between the luminaire and the illuminated surface. LED color combinations may be customized to suit any application (ex: royal blue, cyan, yellow, and white).

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  • Nitro Color

    A giant innovative leap forward in LED technology. Nitro Color is an advanced firmware that optimizes power distribution in multi-channel fixtures. Historically, power was distributed evenly with each channel only able to receive a minute fraction of the total power. With Nitro Color, any one channel can receive a mighty 100% of the total wattage. This not only means a significant increase in efficiency and performance, it means a bolder and brighter tool to achieve your lighting vision.

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    All of Insight’s color changing products come DMX/RDM ready. Our products are ESTA compliant to DMX 512A protocol that make your controls installation and addressing a breeze with any 3rd party RDM device. Whether your application requires a simple wall mount controller or if it needs to be fully integrated into a network, our products can easily be scaled to fit the projects needs.

  • Wireless DMX/RDM

    Driven by City Theatrical’s 900Mhz spectrum, Insight Wireless provides a full strength signal for up to 1000′ of DMX control. With fully supported DMX/RDM control, all remote programming and controls management capabilities are at your fingertips. In a world cluttered with 2.4 Mhz devices, Insight wireless is a robust solution to difficult DMX installations where hard wiring is simply not an option.

  • Active White

    Insight’s version of tunable white light mixing with an extra boost. With DMX controllable LED platforms from 2700 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin, virtually any CCT of white light can be produced. This technology is ideal for adjusting the color of the light to the architectural surface or to create a workspace with circadian balance for the healthiest human centric applications.

  • Node Control

    Digital node control allows for up to 4″ control on all linear color changing applications. Using a DMX to SPI converter and a whole lot of DMX universes, this technology can literally put your lighting effects into motion. When super high resolution is needed, node control is a must.

  • Lifted Full Spectrum

    Our Lifted platforms are optimized for horticulture, specifically producing the primary wavelengths necessary for photosynthesis. Insight products using our Lifted Full Spectrum composed of 3000K, 6500K and Far Red are the perfect choice for grow walls and other green building applications. Combining the Lifted Full spectrum with high performance optics, and you can provide high quality PAR illumination from far away. From Cannabis to cauliflower to aquarium coral, Lifted has the light solution.

  • Lens Defroster

    In regions with freezing weather, where frost and snow affects the lighting performance, our Lens Defroster technology ensures that our fixtures are unhindered. DMX or temperature controlled, the heating element is activated to remove snow or frost when the temperature is at, or below 0°C. Available in the Pro Spot series, the Lens Defroster ensures that our light fixtures perform at their peak capabilities.

  • Smart Suspension

    Our proprietary Smart Suspension system eliminates the need for separate aircraft and power cables throughout our interior product family. The overall aesthetic of the luminaire is improved through a custom technology that combines the suspension and control into one minimal yet robust mounting solution.