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Insight’s version of tunable white light mixing with an extra boost. With DMX controllable LED platforms from 2700 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin, virtually any CCT of white light can be produced. This technology is ideal for adjusting the color of the light to the architectural surface or to create a workspace with circadian balance for the healthiest human centric applications.

Dimming Guide

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0-10V Dimming

0-10V Dimming

0-10V dimming has been used as an early fluorescent dimming system and still used today, 0-10V dimming has been adapted to become a reliable LED dimming control protocol and more commonly used within our industry.

DMX Dimming

DMX Dimming

A non-traditional though highly effective method for dimming and color tuning, DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a highly configurable protocol that offers control by individual sections or entire global systems. Consisting of 512 channels of data per stream, each stream in a system is referred to as its own Universe. The fixtures in each Universe receive channel data sent from a controller at a designated refresh rate.


Phase-cut dimmers work by taking the line input power (typically Mains Voltage) and modulating the signal to reduce the power to the load. By chopping the signal, the load experiences a lower voltage, resulting in a lower light output. The two most common phase-cut controls are forward phase and reverse phase controls.

Forward Phase DimmingForward Phase Dimming (TRIAC)
Forward phase-cut dimming (commonly referred to as incandescent or TRIAC dimming) is the most common dimming method. It is designed for resistive or magnetic low-voltage (MLV) loads, including incandescent and halogen, but certain models allow for more usage with LED loads. It usually uses a TRIAC dimmer that phase cuts the leading edge of the AC sine wave. Forward phase dimmers are often more affordable and simpler in terms of design than other types of dimmers.

Reverse Phase DimmingReverse Phase Dimming
Reverse phase-cut dimming is very similar to Forward phase in which it phase cuts the AC sine wave but on the trailing edge of the it, allows it to dim according to the cut. ELV dimmers are generally very compatible with LED loads, offering smoother dimming to low levels. This dimming almost always requires the use of a neutral wire.

Lifted LED Horticulture Lighting


Lifted LED Grow Lights
We Empower Growers

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Our fixtures provide the full-spectrum straight out of the box with options that can flex to match your unique growing conditions.

Underpass Grow Lights

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Perfect for veg or flowering rooms, the UNDERPASS compliments existing down lighting by delivering full-spectrum light to the normally shaded mid- and lower canopy.

Suburb Grow Lights

Formulated with all natural ingredients, this mild liquid soap contains pro-vitamin B4, B5 and glycerine.

The Suburb is a super compact, high performance full spectrum LED grow light. Available in 650w (47") and 330 watt (23") versions. The Suburb combines 3000 Kelvin, 6500 Kelvin and high performance 660nm RED Osram and Samsung LEDs for the perfect spectrum.

Expressway Grow Lights

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Building on the efficiency and flexibility of today's best LEDs, the EXPRESSWAY delivers the most light in the spectrum precisely where plants need it at a fraction of the energy demands of previous grow lights.

Mainstreet Grow Lights

A full-spectrum LED light bar designed to maximize yield and efficiency. This linear luminaire is perfect for office green walls or any wall wash horticultural application. Using a high performance asymmetric linear optic, Main St. allows users to throw narrow beams of PAR exactly where they want it.

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“There is too much product out there. If you care about your product and want to grow a kind flower, the City is your light fixture.”
– Michael Cooper, Master Grower, Las Vegas, NV


As lighting guy’s, we’ve witnessed and even participated in the amazing advances in LED technology over the last 15 years. Since 2013, we’ve been experimenting and pushing the boundaries of LED grow lights specifically, building on existing technology to give growers more power and flexibility to increase their quality and yield.
Greater Product through Innovation
Higher Pressure Sodium is a work horse for most grow houses. In their efficiency and durability, LED grow lights have addressed the big issues of previous grow light models, but we felt the technology could be pushed further to create even greater yield.
Full Spectral Distribution
Lifted fixtures highlight the PAR-critical 440 and 660 regions of the spectrum, but with the addition of our true full-spectrum COB LEDs as well as the discrete IR LEDs, plants get a richer spectral distribution leading to better flavor, larger harvests and better overall plant health. As an added benefit, growers appreciate the white light that’s both nice to work under and helpful in recognizing pests and disease.

More about Lifted’s full spectral distribution

Complete Spectrum Control
Another exciting innovation for the serious grower is the ability to customize the spectrum with stage-specific presets or completely custom lighting recipes. Using a DMX controller, growers can quickly adjust the spectrum to maximize growth for different cycles, strains or plant types. They are also able to set timers, create schedules and zones are through a PC or Tablet.
Advanced Optics
In our City and Town fixtures, the optics design for each discrete LED and central COB creates a lighting pattern that allows growers to maximize the available light exactly where it’s needed. Taking it a step further, we now offer the City in two angle options: the standard 120° and the new 75° which is optimized for elevated fixture heights.
Experience Matters
Apart from our 10 years of working with LEDs, we have over 24 years of experience in the design and manufacture of architectural lighting. In other words, we know what works.


We also know that a lot of growers have gotten burned with less than stellar LED performance coming from products that probably should never have reached the market. We aim to make that right and since we have the ability to design and produce fixtures the way we want, we believe they are the highest quality and most robust LED grow lights available.


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Insight Lighting has been committed to excellence in lighting technology and design, setting new standards in architectural lighting products.